BYU Contracted Housing

Brigham Young University desires an environment for its single undergraduate students living on and off campus that is conducive to their moral and spiritual growth as well as their academic performance. Because the university does not have sufficient on-campus housing for all of the students, it has established a contracted housing program to cultivate that desired environment off campus. BYU has established housing guidelines and policies to create such an environment for single undergraduate students desiring to live off campus.

The university has contracted with more than 1,400 landlords and 5,300 living units for single undergraduate students to live in off campus. The owners of contracted rental units agree to: (1) adequately separate single men and women, (2) exercise reasonable efforts to maintain BYU Residential Living Standards, (3) maintain the facilities in good repair, and (4) not abuse basic tenant rights.

The university cannot guarantee that owners and managers are employing their best efforts to maintain our standards, that all residents are complying with BYU standards, or that contracted living units meet our physical criteria.

Thus, students are individually responsible to carefully choose an acceptable apartment and compatible roommates. Students should inform the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office if they suspect that the standards and the physical criteria are not being maintained.

Students Required to Live in BYU Contracted Housing

All BYU single undergraduate students are required to live in university contracted housing unless they complete a waiver and receive approval from the Off-Campus Housing Office.  All BYU students are required to provide their residential address, (not a post office box), at the beginning of each semester/term.

Inspections of Off-Campus Rentals

BYU Off-Campus Housing representatives inspect only those rentals that are university contracted and usually only upon request. Because we have contracted more than 1,400 landlords and 5,300 living units, we cannot monitor the off campus living conditions of students as often as we would like. Therefore, we urge students to exercise discretion when selecting an apartment and roommates. The university expends much time and effort to help students and landlords with their rental difficulties, whether related to standards, contracts, or physical conditions. But in the event of violations, we greatly depend on notification by the concerned parties. If you have concerns or questions, we recommend you consult with the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office before making any agreements.

How to Find Housing

The BYU Off-Campus Housing Office maintains a listings service to help single undergraduate students find university contracted rental facilities and to help student families and graduate students find rental units. (Family and graduate housing are not part of our system and are not subject to university contracts.) Rental units of all types are listed as landlords notify us of vacancies. There are large apartment complexes, condominiums, duplexes, houses, and basement apartments. Information about current vacancies is available at the Off-Campus Housing Office (C-141 ASB). The vacancy lists can be viewed on our Vacancy Listings link at

Verify Facility is BYU Contracted Housing

Not all housing within the Off-Campus Housing boundaries is Contracted Housing. To become contracted, owners must go through a process including paperwork, an inspection and agreeing to the expectations placed on all contracted facilities. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that a location is CONTRACTED with BYU before signing. A facility's address can be verified under the Search for Housing tab. The following PDF demonstrate the steps to Checking an Address.