Steps to Update Residential Address

  1. Log in to your myBYU portal

  2. Under “Campus Favorites” (left column)

  3. Click on “Update My Personal Information”

  4. At the top of your Contact Information Summary page click on the “Contact” tab

  5. Click on Residential Address

  6. If you live in contracted housing, you must use the Contracted Housing Search button
    • Search for facility by name or by address
      1. Enter a facility name or part of a facility name (i.e. Bel, Lib, etc.)
      2. The search is case sensitive (i.e. Bel not bel)
      3. When entering addresses be sure to capitalize the N, S, W, or E (i.e. 734 S)
      4. If you are having a hard time, try entering a partial address
    • Find the address and unit number where you are living
    • Verify that the address is correct
    • If you can’t find your address after checking the above criteria
      1. Check to ensure that the unit you are looking for is contracted
      2. Units will only show for the designated gender living in the unit
      3. Contact the Off-Campus Housing desk at 801-422-1513 if you still have problems
  7. If you do not live in contracted housing, you will need to submit a waiver
    • Click on the box that says you don’t live in contracted housing
    • Enter the address where you live
    • Save the address
      1. The waiver is tied to the address
      2. If you change the address after your waiver is approved, it will expire your waiver
    • Once your address is updated, choose to submit either a Declaration that you live with family (living with parents, grandparents, or married aunts, uncles, or siblings. or a General Waiver (living with non-related people or with unmarried siblings
    • Complete all information on the waiver or declaration
    • Save your waiver
    • Print
    • Get the needed signatures
    • Submit the waiver or declaration to the OCH Office in person at C-141 ASB, by fax at 801-422-0182, or by email at
    • You will receive a confirmation letter if your waiver is approved or denied
  8. For questions contact our office at 801-422-1513 or