Student Reports

Neighborhood Responsibility - Anna Gee

I’m grateful for my current housing situation. I live with some of my closest friends, enjoy friendships with neighbors, and have plenty of space in my house to throw the occasional dinner party. What is disappointing to me is the amount of effort I’ve had to put into making my house live-able over the past semester. When I moved in this fall, the kitchen had no hot water, drawers were missing (where did they go, I wonder?), the split in the bathroom door was causing a safety hazard, the front doorknob was broken, and the whole house smelled like a Chinese restaurant (I love Chinese food, just not living in it). After repeated emails to our landlord and concerted personal effort, my roommates and I now enjoy a well-maintained space that is both safe and clean. The purpose of this commentary is not to voice my personal frustrations, however, but rather to address the root cause of a situation that is all-too-familiar to renters in Provo....

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