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BYU Announces significant changes to its student housing effective fall 2022

Letter to Landlords

Dear Landlord:

Thank you for all you are doing to provide quality housing for our students. In an effort to better serve BYU’s students and reduce the challenges for off-campus landlords in requiring BYU’s residential living standards for non-BYU students, we are making some changes to our student housing program. We want you to be fully aware of these changes, which will be effective fall semester 2022.

The following changes will be made to the BYU student housing program effective fall semester 2022:

1. For their first two semesters as a BYU student, all single undergraduate students must live (1) in BYU On-Campus Housing, (2) in BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing, or (3) with qualifying family members. This applies to all single undergraduate students, including transfer students, who are matriculated, meaning they have been admitted to a BYU degree-seeking program. Any exception must be approved in writing by the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office. Completion of both spring and summer academic terms qualifies as one semester.

2. Single, matriculated, undergraduate students who have completed two semesters at BYU are eligible but not required to live in BYU On-Campus or BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing and may choose to live in non-contracted off-campus housing.

3. Starting on Monday, August 22, 2022, in addition to single, matriculated BYU students, only the following students will be eligible to live in BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing:
- BYU evening students.
- BYU Flex GE students.
- BYU English Language Center students.
- BYU Salt Lake Center students.
- BYU–Hawaii students.
- BYU–Idaho students.
- Ensign College students.

No other students at any other institutions are eligible. BYU–Pathway Worldwide students, BYU Independent Study students, and BYU concurrent enrollment students are not eligible. Institute students who are not enrolled in the approved list of programs or institutions above are also not eligible to live in BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing.

BYU-Contracted providers who are in compliance with their obligations under BYU contracts may remain under contract through Sunday, August 21, 2022. Landlords who desire to participate as a BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing provider after August 21, 2022, must complete a survey that will be sent to all current contracted providers on Monday, September 27, 2021. The survey should be completed by October 15, 2021. Details regarding the contracting process will be provided at a later date to interested landlords.

BYU extends appreciation to all landlords who have been part of the BYU Off-Campus Contracted Housing program. Thank you for providing housing options and for your efforts in promoting a living environment that is consistent with BYU’s standards.

For questions or additional information, please contact the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office at 801-422-1513, by email at, or review the Frequently Asked Question page at


The Off-Campus Housing Office