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Welcome to Off-Campus Housing!

The Off-Campus Housing Office staff is available to respond to your questions by email and phone, however the physical location is closed. Thank you for your patience as we follow social distancing guidelines.

  • We can be contacted:
    • On the Web: at
    • By Email: at
    • By Phone: at (801) 422-1513 during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
    • OR you can view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Dispute Resolution Services Offered through the Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

The university recognizes the housing contracts between student tenants and landlords as legally binding contracts, and that the university does not have the authority to mandate students be released from legally binding contracts.

The university will, as required under its contracts with approved landlords and by the contract between landlords and student tenants, make BYU’s dispute resolution process available through the BYU Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (CPCR).

As a first step, please fill out a request for mediation form, which begins the dispute resolution process: . You are the petitioner and your management is the "other party."

Given the current high demand for dispute resolution services regarding this issue, the Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (CPCR) is requesting your patience as they schedule mediation sessions via Zoom on a case by case basis. Once they receive your request for mediation form, they will be in touch about scheduling your mediation.

In the meantime, to prepare for your mediation session, please prepare digital copies of pertinent documents, including your good faith efforts to communicate constructively with the other party, to accompany your mediation request as outlined on the request for mediation form.

For additional information on dispute resolution services please click here.

Covid-19 Concerns

For Coronavius (COVID-19) related updates from BYU, please click here.

Individuals who suspect they have contracted or have been directly exposed to COVID-19, should call the Utah County Health Department at 801-851-4357. For more information go to

We ask the BYU campus community to help us track the spread of COVID-19. If you have tested positive for the virus or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, please fill out this form.
Frequently Viewed Pages
Avoid the fee. The university requires all students to update their residential address at the beginning of every semester.

The Housing Guide has everything you need to begin your search! Information about housing options, rental prices, amenities, and locations.

Search available housing for single undergraduates, married students, and families.
Apply for a waiver, extend an existing waiver, or submit an appeal for a denied waiver. Submit a waiver inquiry before signing a contract. Submit a non-compliance fee appeal.
The Center for Conflict Resolution has a variety of resources to assist people stuck in a conflict, including information about consultations, mediation, arbitration, and recommended reading.

This handbook is to define university policies pertaining to its Off-Campus Housing Program and to promote a good environment for its single students living off-campus.